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What does MAN offer me as pupil or school graduate?

Pupil internship – just give it a try

Have a glance behind the scenes at MAN and find out more in a pupil internship – e.g. what requirements are asked of you in the apprenticeships, which interests you should bring and what you might enjoy.

Studies with MAN

Theory and practice in unison: At MAN you have the opportunity to choose an interesting study course and at the same time acquire valuable practical experience.

In a co-operative educational course you divide your time between a co-operative university and a MAN site, switching in a three-month cycle – and with a little luck you might also spend some time abroad. Ultimately you will also have your bachelor's degree in your pocket, in addition to a sound apprenticeship.

Two-tracked approach: If you decide to go for a combined study programme, you will take a diploma from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in a recognised apprenticeship alongside your university degree.

Versatile apprenticeship

The freedom to decide: At MAN, you can choose between more than 40 different apprenticeships and more than 10 study courses in approx. 150 apprenticeship locations. Every year we offer the opportunity for a well-grounded and practice-oriented career to some 800 young people in Germany alone.

From the outset will work on concrete projects in the field of apprenticeship and thus can quickly gain experience. In addition, you will participate in operational apprenticeships and obtain methodical, social and personal skills in addition to expertise.

MAN also offers young people opportunity to receive high-quality apprenticeship abroad – e.g. in Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey.

A first impression: Apprentice at MAN

Take a look over the shoulders of our apprentices and students and check out what makes starting your career at MAN so special.

Career News

Formula Student Germany – MAN Takes Pole Position

Formula Student Germany – MAN Takes Pole Position

Imagine sitting in your self-made race car at the starting line at Hockenheimring. It’s a dream that many people have that can actually come true at Formula Student Germany (FSG). Over 110 student teams from all over the world meet up every year to participate in a racing series with their own designed race cars.

Digitalisation – the current hot topic

Digitalisation – the current hot topic

Focused on the future: Markus Lipinsky, who has headed the new “Telematics & Digital Solutions” division since the end of last year, discusses the topics that will drive the transport industry tomorrow and thereafter, and explains how MAN can unlock new areas of business with new digital products and connectivity systems for commercial vehicles.

stips@MAN – Deutschlandstipendium scholarship students step things up a gear

stips@MAN – Deutschlandstipendium scholarship students step things up a gear

Around 40 recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship at the Technical University of Munich have been given an insight into the commercial vehicle sector by their sponsor MAN Truck & Bus.

MAN Diesel & Turbo: Technisches Projektmanagement

"Involved in the development process from the very start"

Even as a student, Julia Tümmers was fascinated by large diesel and gas engines. Now, at the age of 28, she is a Technical Project Manager responsible for her own engine project at MAN Diesel and Turbo SE in Augsburg.

MAN Truck & Bus AG: IAA-Team

MAN at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Preparations for the MAN exhibition stand at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 have begun almost a year and a half in advance. It will be Janine Strecker's fourth time at the show. For the 33-year-old Event Manager and Business Administration graduate, this is her dream job.

MAN HydroDrive®: Highest capacity and pulling power in heavy traction traffic

"Fascination Truck"

His heart beats faster when he sees a truck from MAN out on the open road: Dr. Robert Seeger, Head of Product Marketing Traction, explains in the interview why MAN had always been his dream employer, how he succeeded in joining the company and why his current job is simply made for him.

MAN Diesel & Turbo: axial compressor MAX 1, compact design, robust and high level of efficiency.

The new axial compressor MAX1 is in a league of its own

The axial compressor MAX1 is the result of one of the most challenging product development processes in the history of MAN Diesel & Turbo, representing a technological milestone for the company. Dr. Marco Ernst gives us a glimpse behind the scenes: How has it been working on the company’s flagship product?

MAN Truck & Bus: 100 years jubilee

Digital time travel journey through 100 years of commercial vehicle production at MAN

MAN Truck & Bus is launching a website to mark 100 years of commercial vehicle production at MAN, which will reveal exciting stories and show how MAN has been instrumental in shaping the future of commercial vehicle mobility over the past century.