Gigantic marine engines produced by MAN – for the giants of the seas

Container ships are absolutely immense – with room for up to four football pitches. This is because when you are at sea, the bigger and more efficient the ships, the lower the costs per container. Given the price war on the world’s oceans, it is no surprise that each new giant ship built beats the previous record for size. And this means that increasingly powerful marine engines are also in demand, of course. And so are our engineers - many of the world‘s biggest container ships are powered by MAN engines.

Approximately 400 metres long and 58.6 metres wide and with a cargo capacity of an incredible 19,100 containers, the CSCL Globe is currently the biggest container ship in the world*. It is part of the China Shipping Container Lines Co. Ltd. (CSCL) fleet based in Shanghai – one of the biggest container shipping companies in the world.

Giant of the Sea: Containership CSCL Globe MAN marine diesel motor MAN B&W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 Giant of the Sea: Containership CSCL Globe

MAN Diesel & Turbo has built a superb marine engine specifically for the CSCL Globe.

The beast in the hull: the MAN B&W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 was designed in Copenhagen and built in South Korea. 17.2 high, 5.3 metres wide and 22.5 wide - the dimensions of this marine engine are simply breath-taking.

And the performance is something else: the engine produces 56.8 megawatts - over 77.000 PS !

The experts at work

And naturally lots of clever people were involved in the construction of such an innovative product – including Susanne Kindt, Head of Low Speed Large Bore Design at MAN Diesel & Turbo. She and her team took just a year to develop this ground-breaking engine, helping to make MAN Diesel & Turbo the leading marine engine manufacturer that it is today.

When asked about the major factor in developing the new engine, Susanne Kindt responded: “Efficiency has become the most important aspect by far in the last two years. The new superliners do travel a little slower than the ships of the past, but they are much more efficient. To achieve this, they need engines that run at a lower speed with a longer stroke. And another new trend is that they are they are fully electronically controllable.“

Our engineers did not need telling twice, building a marine engine to meet all of these requirements. The highlight of this compact MAN B&W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 type two-stroke engine is the electronically controlled fuel injection, which manages injection pressure and rate for the requirements of each individual cargo.

Proud of their success

Susanne Kindt and her team are clearly incredibly proud of their success. Most of the people involved haven’t even seen the engine working yet. So far, they have only come into indirect contact with it, working on computer draughts and calculations, for example. But they all find it simply amazing just seeing a photo of the ship and knowing that this giant of the seas is powered by “their engine“.

* As of September 2015.

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